Research of Candidates
Alto Adriatiko Ltd. uses various channels of recruitment in relation to the type of profile sought. The most important channel is made up of the database on site which you can access to submit your resume by completing the form in the work with us section.
The Company will contact only the candidates it deems to be in possession of the required features based on business needs.
Candidates are contacted by telephone between February and April and, after checking the availability and interest for professional opportunities, are summoned for selection in water (just for the lifeguards) or for the interview.
The selection tests for lifeguards.
For the selection of lifeguards, between March and April is expected to be carried out a practical test in the water that will certify the degree of swimming skills of the candidates. After successful completion of the test the candidate will be contacted for interview. Those who passed the lifeguard test between March and June of this year are excluded from the test.
• The cognitive interview.
The final selection phase is represented by the interview with the manager of the business function concerned and is designed to verify the candidate’s motivation, the ability and readiness to work and the level of knowledge and skills possessed.
• The identification of candidate
When the election process is over, a candidate is identified in line with the required profile who will be contacted to define the terms of the possible employment, and to sign the contract.